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WMI reference for C# and VB.NET

WMI, or Windows Management Instrumentation is an extensive framework which covers virtually every facet of a local (or remote) machine. To help you navigate through WMI, listed below are the namespaces that are available on most windows machines. Clicking on any of these namespaces will bring up a list of classes available within this namespace. Clicking on a class will bring up the MOF definition, and a list of properties with sample values. If you are looking to use any of these classes, either C# or VB.NET, you may find the book "Network Programming in .NET" of invaluable assistance.

root \ MSAPPS
root \ RSOP
root \ RSOP \ User
root \ RSOP \ User \ ms_409
root \ RSOP \ User \ S_1_5_21_236263764_3924064129_568730901_1005
root \ RSOP \ User \ S_1_5_21_236263764_3924064129_568730901_501
root \ RSOP \ Computer
root \ RSOP \ Computer \ ms_409
root \ Cli
root \ snmp
root \ snmp \ localhost
root \ WMI
root \ WMI \ ms_409
root \ CIMV2
root \ CIMV2 \ ms_409
root \ CIMV2 \ Applications
root \ CIMV2 \ Applications \ MicrosoftIE
root \ Policy
root \ Policy \ ms_409
root \ Microsoft
root \ Microsoft \ HomeNet
root \ DEFAULT
root \ DEFAULT \ ms_409
root \ directory
root \ directory \ LDAP
root \ directory \ LDAP \ ms_409
root \ subscription
root \ subscription \ ms_409
root \ NetFrameworkv1
root \ NetFrameworkv1 \ ms_409

WMI is a huge subject, so therefore it is practically impossible to provide a comprehensive example program that covers anything. However, this application can be used to make WQL (WMI query language) on the root\cimv2 namespace of the CIM (Common Information Model). The book Network programming in .NET covers a much wider scope of WMI, and explains how to leverage it to access the bounty of information held within this vast, yet simple object model.

(Chapter 12, example 4)


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